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Welcome to the Elmhurst Bicycle Club!

Founded in 1977, the Elmhurst Bicycle Club (EBC) continues to live up to the motto, "Riding at the Speed of Fun." Club members, who range from novice to the very experienced, come from all walks of life and live throughout the western suburbs of Chicago and beyond.
The EBC is one of the larger, more active bicycle clubs in the area with over 500 members and a variety of activities throughout the year accommodating all skill levels.
Rides range from 8 to 10 mph to over 20 mph. Single-day ride distances range from 10 to 200 miles.
Sometimes we ride just to ride, and sometimes we have a specific purpose, exploring a new park, restaurant or a community festival.
Some of the more social events are: biking trips, the Thanksgiving hike & dinner, the Michigan U.P. cross-country skiing trip, the Christmas Lights ride, and the Holiday Party. We have year-round activities (such as winter hiking and skiing) and get-togethers in addition to bicycling.
You will find riders at your experience level and with similar interests. We stick together on all club rides, staying with anyone having mechanical or other problems.
You are welcome to come to our monthly meeting or ride as a guest to see what we are all about!

7-Day Calendar View       For more, see our full  Calendar .     *** Social-distancing in effect.*** 

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We ride at the speed of fun.  See how, in some recent photos below...


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