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EBC Awards Programs

last updated: 1/8/2018

Event Qualification

For a given event to qualify for event leader and mileage credit: 

  • The event must be listed on the website Event Calendar for a minimum of 12-hours prior to start of the event.
  • The event must have at least 2 participants, and at least one must be a club member.
  • When 2 or more people are listed as event leaders for the same event, only the first name listed will get credit for leading that event. (Note:  One listing of "Show & Go" on the calendar may have unlimited groups, but only one ride leader per group gets credit for the each ride or hike, etc.)
  • No miles submitted for any individual may exceed those of the Ride Leader.

Ride Leader Jerseys

For Event Leader Awards:

  • Each member who leads 30 or more qualified* (* see above) events over a 3-year period is eligible to receive a Leader's Jersey from the club.
  • A club member who has led a minimum of 25 qualified* events in just 1-year, may purchase a Leader's Jersey.

Special Patch Mileage Awards

  • A single patch is awarded to club members who complete at least one ride in each of four mileage ranges: 25-49, 50-61, 62-99, & 100+ miles in one year. Each ride must be a qualified* (see above) on the ride calendar to be eligible for credit towards a patch. 
  • A 200 mile patch will be awarded to club members who complete an qualified* 200 mile, one-day ride.

Total Mileage Awards

  • Mileage credit for club events comes from the Sign-In Sheet that is submitted by the Ride Leader to the Member Miles Coordinator.
  • A certificate of achievement showing total recorded club miles will be presented to each member who has 500 or more club miles for the year.
  • Members who accumulate 1000 club miles or more will qualify to receive an award to be determined by the EBC Board.
  • Invitational rides shall receive EBC credit if they meet the following criteria:
    • The ride may be sponsored by any type of organization.
    • The fee for the ride must be reasonable and customary for rides of this type.
    • If the ride is held more than 200 miles from Elmhurst, then there must be at least two members on the ride and the posting to the website should be at least 14 days in advance.
    • Closer rides must be posted per our usual guidelines.
    • All invitational rides require a ride sheet and leader.
    • The leader may use the same sign-in sheet for all the mileage options.
    • No miles submitted for any individual may exceed those of the group leader.
    • Riders from the different pace and distance groups are not required to ride together, but are encouraged to do so.
    • All riders who wish credit must sign in on the ride sheet before the ride starts, and let the leader know the mileage that they completed on the day of the ride.
    • Training rides where all riders do not stay together shall receive EBC credit if they meet the following criteria:
      • Everyone rides the same closed loop course.
      • All such rides must be posted per our usual guidelines, and require a ride sheet and leader.
    • The VP/Ride Captain will have the final authority over any events in question.

Ride Leader Award  (final year is 2018)

  • To encourage and reward our precious Ride Leaders, we offer a gift certificate to the top 20 Ride Leaders, by completed ride count, for the year. 

Total Mileage New Member

  • A gift certificate from a local bicycle shop will be awarded to the new club member that rides the most club miles for the year.

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