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Ride Leader Responsibilities

Last revised:  May, 9, 2019  
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*This Page is for Bona Fide EBC Ride Leaders & Folks Wanting to Become Ride Leaders*

Are you already an EBC Ride Leader, or do you want to become one?
Note that we have a web page dedicated to this topic.  Please go to this link:  To Become an EBC Ride Leader .

Planning the Ride

  1. Establish the start location, destination and route. If possible, ride the route the day before the ride to check for new construction and detours, etc.
  2. When deciding on the pace of the ride, note that:
    • Club guidelines specify that the pace is the speed that the ride leader expects to ride on a level road without appreciable headwind or tailwind.
    • The pace should be given in a range of 2-3 mph;   e.g. 13-16 mph.
    • If the ride leader intends to permit either sprints, or a faster pace, then a '+' should be appended to the end of the pace speed.  e.g. 16-19+ mph;
  3. Post the ride to the Ride & Event Calendar using the directions shown below this section.

Instructional Video

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on the content below:    EBC Event Creation Help Video

Listing the Ride in the Event Calendar

  1. Use the Ride & Event Calendar to add a "quick event" for your ride, hike, ski outing, etc.
  2. Click Add Event and fill in as follows:
    • Title: *** Use the following convention for all ride titles. ***:   "<short title> / <distance> @ <speed> / <leader name>"      (All of this must be in the ride title so that it will all be displayed on the simple calendar view. Do not skip the slashes as they make scanning the Event Calendar (for everyone) and Ride Log (for admins) much more readable.)
    • Short Description: Brief description of event.  (More description may be added when making the "quick event" a "full event". Only the Ride Captain, and chapter-certified ride leaders may change a ride to a full event.
    • Category: Select the proper category for this event.   (The category color will help when viewers scan the calendar.)
    • Visibility: Set to <Everyone>
    • Mobile Channel: This field applies to our mobile app, which will debut soon.  For now, just leave the default: <No Mobile Channel>.
    • Contact Person: Select an EBC member from the drop-down list. For most events (but not always), that person is the ride leader, which is you.  Do not leave a default of President@Elmhurst.... 
    • Event Date: Select date, and start and finish time (approx. finish time)
    • Registration: Ignore, unless you really need folks registering for this event ahead of time. (not applicable for most EBC events) ;
    • Maximum guests:  Ignore (not applicable for most EBC events) ;
    • Location: Click the teardrop on the form next to this field and choose the ride start location from the drop-down list. If the desired location is not on the list, then manually type in the location.  (If you will be using this location regularly in the future, then ask the Ride Captain to enter the location in the permanent list.)
    • Metro Area: Select the area of your ride/event start.  This is usually where it centers also.  This selection is very useful for folks new to this ride, and in decision making in choosing a ride.  Also, this field creates useful statistics over time for our website in viewing event patterns.
    • Show Map Link:  Put check mark in box if there is an address in Start Locations. (You want the map link to be viewable. This is a very useful tool for the ride.)
    • Location Phone: Use this field if you are meeting at a restaurant or hotel, etc. and have the phone number for that institution.
  3. An email Event Creation notice will be automatically generated and sent to the entire club.
    • Monitor your mail and make sure that the expected club-wide notification comes out in the mail not less than 12 hours before the ride start,
    • If it fails to come out for some reason, then create your own email, and send to the list server with the necessary ride/event details not less than 12 hours before the ride start,
  4. For directions on editing, cancelling or deleting a ride, see the section below

Editing, Cancelling, or Deleting a "Quick Event"

The instructions below apply to rides listed as a "quick event".
Proceed to the next section to convert a "quick event" to a "full event", or other advanced options such as copying a ride and making it appear on multiple ride dates, etc.

  • Editing a ride:
    • The creator of the ride may edit the ride at any time, but that person must notify the entire club of changes to the ride - at once.
  • Cancelling a ride:
    • The ride creator or admin must edit the ride and select the Cancelled check box.  This will alter the title of the ride to say CANCELLED at the end.
    • The ride creator must notify the entire club of the cancellation at once, but not less than an hour before the ride.
  • Deleting a ride:  
    • We ask that you not delete your event once notice has been sent out on the list server.  If you posted for an incorrect date, you may edit the date, but be sure to broadcast the new information out through the email list server..

Making "Quick Event" into a "Full Event", and Copying, Editing, Cancelling or Deleting a Ride

  • To convert a "quick event" into a "full event" (because the 250-character description field is not enough),
    1. You must post the event as the default "quick event";
    2. After saving the ride, your admin tools on the right will show an option to convert the event to a "Full Event". (black pencil)
    3. Click the black pencil and answer <OK>
    4. Now the second box under the event admin tools (description) allows you unlimited characters to fill in what you want.
    5. Lastly, press the <Save> on the bottom of the screen. ride
  • To copy a ride for repeat rides of a similar nature, you must:
    1. Go to the top left of your screen and select the Control Panel.
    2. Click on the Website tab, and from there select "Events".
    3. Select the date of the ride that you wish to make a copy of using the "start date" and "finish date" selectors.  Then hit "Search".
    4. Select the yellow file folder next to the ride that you wish to make copies of.
    5. This will give you the option of copying the ride to one other ride, or repeating the ride daily, or weekly, monthly or simply on days that you select.
    6. Lastly, click <Copy Event>.
    7. NOTE:  Copied events do not generate their own email notifications to the club.  After the original event, you will need to remind folks with an email of the copied events coming up.  ...One reminder for each repetition of the event before the event happens.

  • Deleting a ride:
    • We ask that you not delete your event once notice has been sent out on the list server.  If you posted for some incorrect event information, you may edit that information later, but be sure to broadcast the new information out through the email list server.
  • Reusing a Calendar Event:
    • Never, ever reuse a Calendar Event!  Each event ID, Member ID, etc. is unique! Any attempt to reuse ID's in an object-oriented database (our entire website) will move the riders mileage and affect the calendar and member data in unforeseen ways. If you need to copy and event, do so using the tools available to all Ride Leaders on the website.

At the Ride Start

  1. All: 
    • Members must clearly print their names on an official Club Ride Sheet;
    • Guests must sign the back that includes the Club Release & Liability Waiver;
    • Guests refusing to complete the Liability Waiver may not participate on the ride;
    • Members and guests must provide an I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) contact name and number, or show a Road ID bracelet and advise of its location.
    • Ride leaders should carry the Ride Sheet with them on the ride;
    • Ride leaders, In the event of an emergency, will provide the emergency medical personnel with the contact information.
  2. Make an announcement at the beginning of the ride...:
    • describing the ride, including the speed, distance, time, general route, difficulties and dangers, rest/regroup points, and an other pertinent information.
    • reminding riders that they are responsible for their own safety and that they should share the road with motorists;
    • encouraging all riders to be familiar and compliant with the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road and the Tips for Safe Group Riding (listed on our Rider Responsibilities page).
  3. It is recommended that Ride Leaders carry:
    • a map of the area, or GPS device, in case on alternate route is needed;
    • a first-aid kit;
    • and a cell phone if they have one.
  4. Know how many riders you have on the ride. In order to reduce the risk of losing a rider, consider one or more of the following methods
    • Ask for a volunteer to be a sweep rider;
    • Ask each rider to be aware of riders behind them, and to make the leader aware of any riders who may be falling behind or out of sight;
    • If the size of the group warrants, consider splitting the ride into smaller groups and appointing section leaders.  Provide the section leaders with the route.

Leading the Ride

  1. To start with, these Ride Leader tips are built on top of the Basic Rider Responsibilities , including Group Riding Responsibilities.  Please refer to that link, and attain a mastery of those techniques before attempting to lead a ride.
  2. Adhere to the advertised speed of the ride.
  3. The Ride Leader should make sure all riders have crossed intersections (e.g. at traffic lights) and/or made the route turn before disappearing out-of-sight. Keep the sweep in sight.
  4. Ride Leaders and riders should should show respect for motorists and should "share the road" by moving to the right when taking a break or regrouping, and permitting automobile traffic to proceed through an intersection rather than "blowing through", forcing drivers to yield.
  5. When "Car back!" is called, this should be verbally passed forward and all riders must move to the right in single-file.
  6. Riders who can maintain the speed that was posted for this ride should not be dropped.
  7. Riders not able to maintain the posted speed or distance should be offered an alternative to completing the scheduled ride.

After the Ride

Complete the Member Activity Sheet and sent it and any Guest Activity Release & Waiver 's to the Mileage Coordinator within 7 days of the event at this email address: <  >.
Note:  All Show & Go rides must be titled as such on the Activity Sheets.

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