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Savvy Cycling Presentation Sept. 13, 7pm, Elmhurst

Published on 9/7/2018
Message from George Pastorino,  President, Elmhurst Bicycle Club and speaker at our June, 2018 meeting:

I would like to invite all Evanston Bicycle Club Members to a an Important Bicycle Safety Presentation.  The presentation outline is below as well as a newspaper article about the event.  The event is free and all are welcome. 
Listing in the Chain Link

The American Bicycling Education, Inc. will present a comprehensive 2 hour Bicycle Safety Education Program on Sept. 13, at 7pm at Community Bank of Elmhurst, 300 W. Butterfield Rd., Elmhurst, IL 
Google Map to Bank
Since Elmhurst Bicycle Club has paid for this presentation, I would like to include The Evanston Bike Club as safety 
is a primary concern for all bike clubs.  This is a very important presentation and I strongly urge members to attend.

We are fortunate to have them present.  Here is The American Bicycling Education Association website:
American Bicycling Education web site

Savvy Cycling in the 21st Century

Elmhurst Bicycle Club

September 13, 2018, 
6pm - 7pm Pizza and soft drinks 
7pm - 9pm Presentation
Community Bank of Elmhurst, 300 W. Butterfield Rd., Elmhurst, IL


Presenter: CyclingSavvy Instructor Karen Karabell

  1. Introduction
    1. I’m here to excite you about the possibilities. By the end of the evening, you’ll understand why savvy cyclists hold the key to a sustainable transportation future
  2. Safety: Perception & Reality
  3. Train Your Bike
    1. Overview of the parking lot skills session, and why it’s so valuable for all cyclists
  4. Fall Causes and Animations
  5. High-Risk Areas
  6. Spot the Hazards
    1. (Short break - 5 minutes)
  7. Savvy Cycling Strategies
  8. On-Road Tour: Putting It All Together
  9. 21st Century Vision
  10. Questions & Answers


George Pastorino
Elmhurst Bike Club
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