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Activity Type
Bike Ride
Mountain Bike Ride
Cross Country Ski
Snow Shoe
Club Meeting
The time of the event shown in the schedule below is the actual departure time. Please allow time for bicycle assembly and inspection, filling of water bottles, inflating tires, etc. prior to departure. The advertised pace will be at the discretion of the ride leader to allow for resistance to the wind and terrain. The pace is considered to be the maximum speed attained on a level road without appreciable headwind or tailwind. Please select the ride that best fits your ability. Know for yourself whether you are comfortable to sustain the pace and finish the advertised distance.
Where there is not a miles per hour to describe the pace of a ride, please use the following as a guide:
8-10 = very slow  *   10-12 = slow  *   12-14 = moderate  *   14-16 = medium  *   16-18 = fast  *   18-20+ = very fast
3:00PMN/AIndianhead MotelTBA EBC 2018 UP Ski / Hike Trip
EBC annual cross country / snowshoe / hike trip. Come join us for a week of winter fun at the UP. Mark your calendars now!
9:30AM1st Part 5 miles, 2nd Part 5+ milesHWY 519 and South Boundary Road, Presque Isle Scenic AreaPussanee Pastorino 708 903 8700 Snowshoe The Presque Isle Scenic Area
We will park on the corner of HWY 519 and South Boundary Road (Hwy 519 is also known as Forest Road 117 and Presque Isle Road) The West Side to the River has many man made structures and we will avoi .... (click arrow to see more)
9:30AM~10 miles, Moderate Pace Porcupine Mountain Ski Area. Silver City, Michigan Pussanee Pastorino 708 903 8700 Snowshoe The Porcupine Wilderness to Trap Falls
This a 10 mile route that is non technical?,? but difficult due to the remote location and the distance in what is usually deep snow. Pussanee and I did this as 12 mile out and back in 2016. This one .... (click arrow to see more)

Riders must wear helmets on every ride.
Illinois Vehicle Code prohibits the use of headphones while bicycling and headphones are not allowed on EBC rides.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club Release and Liability Waiver

For liability protection and insurance purposes, it is the policy of the Elmhurst Bicycle Club ("EBC") to require all of its members to sign the Release and Liability Waiver which is a part of the EBC Membership Application. Guests of the EBC (which term includes all non-members of EBC) who wish to participate in any EBC activity must sign the equivalent release and liability waiver contained on the EBC Sign-in Sheet before the activity starts. Any guest refusing to sign the release and liability waiver may not participate in the activity. Should the activity continue, however, with the participation of the non-signing guest, the activity will no longer be considered to be an EBC sponsored or sanctioned activity.