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               In loving memory …

Front Cover, Diane Wilkinson, Memorial Service

                                                Diane Wilkinson
                                April 6, 1949 – September 5, 2015

Diane Wilkinson left us on September 5, 2015, at the age of 66. Diane was born on April 6, 1949 to Dick and Ginny Wilkinson and grew up in River Forest, Illinois, with her sisters Sally, Nancy, and Pam. They attended the First Presbyterian Church of River Forest.

Diane always excelled in her studies and activities as a youth. She went to college at Rosary/Dominican University, and then went on to the University of Illinois to earn her masters degree in math. Diane taught math at a community college in Massachusetts before transitioning to the field of computer programming, which brought her back home to the Chicago area. Diane took a great deal of pride in her work and was held in high regard as a systems consultant for Trans Union for over 25 years.

The joy of Diane's life was her daughter, Paula Wilkinson. Diane was a loving, supportive and devoted mother, and took pride in raising Paula to be a beautiful and caring young woman. Diane passed along her love of travel to Paula by sharing many memorable trips together.

Diane and her longtime partner, John Czarnecki, shared their love of the outdoors with each other through many bicycling, hiking, and cross-country skiing trips. Some of their most fond memories together were in Door County, Wisconsin. Diane was a longtime member of the Elmhurst Bicycle Club.

Diane will be sadly missed as a beloved mother to Paula; loving partner to John; dear sister to Sally (John) Gilbert and Nancy Wilkinson Saldana; dear aunt to Laura Uecker and Ted Booth, Adam Gilbert, Matt (Maria), Amanda and Zoe Saldana; special step-mom to Brian, Amy and Karen Czarnecki; and loving friend to many more. In addition to her parents, Diane was preceded in death by her sister Pam Booth.


In early September, EBCers were shocked to learn of the tragic death of Diane Wilkinson (member since 2003) while on a club bike ride. Ride leader Judy Mikesell shared the following: "On the EBC September 5th Fox River ride nine club members rode south with Waubonsie College our destination via the Virgil Gilman Trail. Once on the Virgil Gilman Trail we rode at our own pace. Four riders stopped to repair a flat, five riders continued, three riders were ahead of Diane. Diane was alone when crossing the street and hit by a car. No club member witnessed the accident. The Aurora police were called. Diane was taken by ambulance, accompanied by John, to the area hospital. She was pronounced dead a short time after arriving at the hospital. Seven riders returned, on the bike path, to the cars parked near Harner's Bakery. Diane's bike had to remain with the police but the park district police transported John's bike to his car. Two members stayed with John at the hospital until Diane's daughter arrived and then escorted him home."

Many EBCers offered condolences via the club’s list server; and approximately 30 members attended the memorial service at First Presbyterian Church of River Forest.

After the service, John Czarnecki wrote the following note to Tom Preston: “Thank you and the many EBC members who were able to attend the Memorial Service for Diane last Saturday in River Forest.

Also for the many messages of condolence and flowers sent by members.

I especially want to thank Judy and Julie Ann for staying with me most of the day on Saturday, the day of the accident and escorting me back to our house in DesPlaines.

The flowers from the club were a very thoughtful tribute in memory of Diane.

I will miss her very much.”

In memory of Diane, her family suggested “supporting the League of Illinois Bicyclists (bikelib.org ), your favorite local food pantry or the Ride of Silence (rideofsilence.org)."


Riding, circa 2009


Hiking, circa 2011

Ride With GPS EBC Club Account

By Petra Lynn Hoffman

Great news

The RWGPS EBC Club Account is now active. To learn of the features and how to use this new EBC member benefit click the link below.

Benefits explained: http://ridewithgps.com/help/club-member-benefits

I am sure you will have many questions. However, first I would like those interested to view the pages and videos as they do an excellent job of explaining Ride With GPS.

A few of the most often asked questions: What devices do I need? A smartphone. E.G. iPhone or Android phone. What is the difference between a Ride and a Route? A Ride is a bike path you have either recorded in real time using your phone OR a route you wish to import into RWGPS. Once you have recorded a ride you may then Save as a Route to the club route library for all to share. All members may use PUBLIC routes in the Route Library. However, only Ride Leaders may add, edit, tag or manage Routes. You will need to let me know if you wish to be a Ride Leader for the purposes of adding Routes to the Route Library.

How does one sign up for RWGPS? First, send me an email requesting membership in the EBC Club Account. I will send to you a link that will take you to the membership page. Once there you can click on the EBC logo which will take you to the club page and the Route Library.

And a few more notes:

1. By joining the EBC Club Membership (no charge) you are entitle to view and use all the Route in the Route Library.
2. You may use your iPhone to record any ride path you wish, and save it for your own use or make it visible to your friends. Friends in this instance also means other RWGPS EBC Club members.
3. All the routes in the Route Library may have printable cue sheets for your use.


Petra Lynn Hofmann

Mountain Bike Lesson with George and Pussanee

by Karen Kiley and Pravin Patel

A little background: A little over a year ago, we bought MTBs (mountain bikes) and attended a few biking clinics offered by George Pastorino, EBC MTB coordinator, and Baltimore Ortega. As novices our riding has been limited to easy MTB trails. We felt it was time to learn higher riding skills in order to cut down on falls and the need to walk around obstacles found on a typical trail. So I asked George if he would give us an intermediate level lesson and when he offered one, we gratefully accepted.

We met George and Pussanee at Palos for the MTB lesson to learn and practice skills for the trails considered intermediate; those a little more difficult than for an easy trail.

First, George demonstrated, and we practiced on the level grassy meadow primary skills such as:

Front Wheel Lift: How to lift the front wheel to go over obstacles found along a trail. As a rider approaches an obstacle, he loads his front shock by putting his weight on a handlebar and at the right time releases the pressure and pulls the bar up. This maneuver lifts the front wheel up to go over an obstacle and the rear wheel follows, if it is timed right.

Ratcheting: How to pedal as slowly as possible, a little at a time, without going through a full pedal stroke, to ride around roots and rocks, and navigate twisting and acutely turning trails. Tree roots and rocks are invariably found on trails and trail builders, sometimes, deliberately expose rocks, or the rocks get exposed due to erosion. When a trail has many of them in a short span, the section is called rock garden even though there are no flowers!

Heel Dropping for Bracing: On a pedal, a rider points his toes upward and drops his heels while slightly bending knees and elbows and shifting his weight backward to brace his body against forward thrust. This maneuver is a precautionary measure against an “endo,” going over a handlebar.

Weight Shifting: How to shift weight forward and backward and to go down and up on a whoop-de-doo (a trail section with a steep drop followed by a steep rise). These are made for water passage, or are introduced by trail builders and can come in a succession of twos or threes.

He instructed us on timing, pacing, gear selection, body positioning and shifting of body weight, balancing etc. for safer bike riding. He also emphasized controlling downhill speed as more falls happen going downhill, and more use of, almost 70% of the time, front brakes to control speed.

Then he took us on a trail to put our newly acquired skills in practice. Sometimes, we followed him so we could observe him or he followed us so he could critique our riding. We tried three whoop-de-doos in a series. He made us ride them many times until we rode them without putting a foot down. It was exhilarating and a rider becomes fearless after initial trepidation is overcome. We tried riding downhill and uphill on the trail section called Gravity Cavity. The trail gradually and steeply drops and rises and is interspersed with rocks and exposed roots, and turns acutely. According to George, this section is one of the technically hardest at Palos. We continued on a newly-constructed trail which has many whoop-de-doos and tight turns. The lesson lasted more than two hours.

George and Pussanee offer free MTB lessons for EBC members. He has boundless enthusiasm and love for teaching mountain biking. We would recommend these to any member who aspires to raise or reinforce his or her riding skills. Please watch the short videos he has made for graphic illustrations of skills we practiced. MTB can seem intimidating and dangerous. The falls are inevitable. But, in our opinion, MTB is less dangerous than road biking as the speed is slower and there are no cars to deal with. Most falls happen when you lose momentum and roll over. Flat pedals are helpful to cut down on such falls, as it is easier to put a foot down.

These videos show some of the lessons:





Thank you George and Pussanee for your time and dedication. We are looking forward to tackling intermediate level trails.

With best regards …

Here are some pictures from that class:


Karen in heel-drop position,
Pravin and Pussanee look on.


Pravin in heel-drop position

Pravin practicing front wheel lift

Pravin practices front wheel lift.

Pravin navigates while ratcheting

Pravin navigates while ratcheting.

    Karen navigates while ratcheting

Karen navigates while ratcheting.

Destination Bike Rides

contributors: Chuck Dean, George Pastorino, and Bert Travis

September was quite the month for destination bike rides: La Crosse, WI., 9/4 – 9/6; New Glarus, WI., 9/11 – 9/13; the other EBC’s (Evanston Bike Club) North Shore Century, Evanston, IL., 9/20; Apple Cider Century, Three Oaks, MI., 9/27; and the Corn Festival, Morris, IL., 9/27. EBCers were in attendance at all these wonderful events.

La Crosse

George Pastorino and Bert Travis reported the pleasures of La Crosse. And of course George took lots of pictures.

Bert and Sheila

Bert and Sheila

Tandem riders

Tandem Riders enjoy the vista: George and Pussanee and Sheila and Bert -

George shares his thoughts: "Another great La Crosse Bike Festival is in the books and what a great time it was......we had 5 days of perfect weather for riding and a great group of riders. Special shoutout to Shelia Travis who did her first back-to-back tandem rides including one that was 86 miles with 4,000 feet of climbing......these are lifetime highs for her. She also did her first kayaking excursion.

We were joined by 2 board members of the Joliet Bike Club, President Phil Furmanski and Treasurer Steve Mitoraj. I met Steve here 2 years ago and we have been friends since......Just met Phil and he is a great rider and very nice man. We also met a man from the Netherlands, Dominic De Kerf who rode with us every day. He now lives in the Twin Cities. Strong rider and great guy...that is the magic of cycling....you make new friends in an instant. On the last day we were joined by Mary and Scott Derks also from the Twin Cities... a really nice couple that ride all over the country.....oh...and let's not forget Art from Adventure Cycling.....on his recumbent :)

They have road rides for any speed level and many distances from very short to very long. Cue Sheets are provided.....and ride Ambassadors are available.....you can chose whatever ride that suits you. They also have mountain biking, gravel rides, kayak paddling trips, ice Cream rides, and coffee rides. We did a great a kayak trip and there is spectacular hiking in the area as well. There are slow, guided history rides and architectural tours by bike as well.

All are run by the Mayo Clinic with a great festival, bands and after parties each night....It is a huge celebration of all things cycling.....

This is some of the best road riding we have ever done.....We will lead again next year and need to recruit a leader for the 13 to 15 mph rides....perhaps the sovereign Ed Gin....will do so......Also Phil is going to try to bring a bigger group from JBC, so this may be a joint event.

See Slideshows here: http://tinyurl.com/LacrosseBicycleFest and here: http://tinyurl.com/KayakAndBeer

Thanks to the 9 riders below for attending:

1. Ed Gin 2. Bert Travis. 3. Phil Furmanski 4. George Pastorino 5. Dominic De Kerf 6. Shelia Travis 7. Annette Szczesny 8. Pussanee Pastorino 9. Steve Miroraj Plus Mary and Scott Derks and Art !! You can't be out of hope while you still have beer :)!"

Bert also had high praise for the La Crosse trip:

"This truly was one of the most beautiful areas for riding we’ve ever encountered. We seemed to be embraced by all we encountered. Made friends with Dominic a rider originally from the south of The Netherlands near Belgium and he hung with us all weekend. Very interesting conversations. The terrain while stunningly beautiful provided some fun and challenging riding. On the tandem Sheila and I reset some personal records for climbing, distance and back-to-back big tandem rides.

It’s hard to believe there’s no charge for all Brent and crew put into the routing and cue sheets along with all the other activities we didn’t get to. FREE! Only 358 days til Lacrosse Bike Fest 2016 and we are going back.

Thanks George and Pussanee for handling the logistics in stellar fashion as you always do, letting us just worry about having fun! Happy pedals!"

Grundy County Corn Festival (Morris, IL)

26 riders, not all pictured below -- but most of them -- , had a delightful day on the quiet roads amid the corn fields surrounding Morris. EBCers have made the "cornfest" a destination for the last several years. With the excellent reports that continue to come from our riders and "festers" (and feasters), you should save-the-date for next year.

EBCers turn out at Morris Corn Festival

EBCers turn out at Grundy County Corn Festival (Morris, IL)!

Sweet Berry Cafe

"Ride-to-the-Ride" rides keep popping up as one group of riders joins another group to add miles and have even more fun. Armaline M. led a group from Elmhurst to Wheaton to be able to join John Park at Kline Creek Farm, West Chicago, for a ride to Sweet Berry Cafe on Saturday, September 26.

Can't you just tell that they had a great time!

EBCers at Sweet Berry Cafe

EBCers join forces to ride to Sweet Berry Cafe!

Meeting Minutes September

Board Minutes
September 10, 2015

Present: Tom Preston, Ken Hickey, Kim Messina; Jeff Gunty, Cindy Reedy, Chuck Dean, Jeff Gandy, George Pastorino, Ginny Preston

  1. President: The Board Meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.

  2. EBC scheduled rides for Saturday September 12, have been officially cancelled from the ride schedule in tribute to Diane Wilkinson. The New Glarus Wisconsin Weekend Ride will remain on the schedule for insurance reasons; but no miles will be recorded. The memorial service for Diane Wilkinson will be held on that day, at 10:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of River Forest, 7551 Quick Avenue, River Forest, IL. Private interment will take place at Mt. Emblem Cemetery. In memory of Diane, please support the League of Illinois Bicyclists (bikelib.org), your favorite local food pantry, or The Ride of Silence (rideofsilence.org).

  3. Review of Waiver, Insurance, and Incident Report: At this time, no change is going to be made to the waiver.

  4. Changes to Awards Program Guidelines: Ken Hickey has asked that the award program guidelines be changed to permit a 14day notice to post EBC Rides for mileage credit, instead of a 60 day notice for Invitational Rides or rides beyond 200 miles of Elmhurst. Also changed: 1 ride sheet may be used for Invitational Rides when there are various mileage options and pace groups offered, however, as before, no rider(s) may exceed the miles of the group leader.

  5. Rides with GPS: After having read so many praises of Ride with GPS, the Board is in favor of setting up a club account. Petra Hoffman has volunteered to be administrator. Club members who own a smart phone will benefit by the Ride with GPS program. In the future, we will ask Ride with GPS for a training session.

  6. Treasurer: The Treasurer reported: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 8/13/2015 – 9/9/2015) Total income: $25.99; Total expenses: $674.58; Total balance: $16,171.55

  7. Elmhurst Bike Club Donations: Every year EBC makes donations to nonprofit organizations that promote cycling. If there is a particular organization you know of, please make the suggestion so that it may be considered for receiving a donation.

  8. Mountain Bike Rides for younger kids: George Pastorino and Baltimore would like to develop a program to offer inner city kids a day of basic mountain bike riding. Many factors need to be explored before this program is a reality, but the idea is a way of giving back to the community as a bike club.

  9. Ride Leader Behavior: The board discussed 3 emails addressed to board members regarding a ride leader's behavior during a recent ride. The board decided that Tom should phone the ride leader and confirm with an email that the ride leader should apologize to all those on the ride and until the apology was issued that the ride leader would not be allowed to post any rides. In order to respect the privacy of those involved, I, Tom Preston, President Elmhurst Bicycle Club, request that no emails be sent to the list server regarding this situation. Please address any questions to me at president_elmhurstbicycling.org.

  10. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 8, at 6:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

EBC General Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2015

Present: Tom Preston, Ken Hickey, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean

  1. President: The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst. Please remember Diane Wilkinson, John Czarnecki, and all the club members who were on the ride with Diane. She was alone when crossing the street when she was hit by a car on September 5. A moment of silence. Her memorial service will be held on September 12, at 10:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of River Forest, 7551 Quick Ave River Forest. Private interment will take place at Mt. Emblem Cemetery. In memory of Diane, please support the League of Illinois Bicyclists (bikelib.org), your favorite local food pantry, or The Ride of Silence (rideofsilence.org)

  2. Secretary: Elmhurst Bike Club Donations - Every year EBC makes donations to nonprofit organizations that promote cycling. If there is a particular organization you know of, please make the suggestion so that it may be considered for receiving a donation.

  3. Membership Coordinator:
    • Total memberships: Single - 213; Family – 115; Total – 328; Total Members – 520.
    • Door prize winners:
        + Marty Becker – Bike Fix $25 gift certificate
        + David Maki - Panera $15 gift card

  4. VP/Ride Captain: Thanks to all the Ride Leaders who post rides, keep up the great work. EBC scheduled rides for Saturday September 12 have been officially cancelled from the ride schedule in tribute to Diane Wilkinson. -- Update to Invitation Rides: 1 ride sheet may be used for Invitational Rides when there are varied mileage options and pace groups offered, however one may exceed the miles of the Group Leader.

  5. Treasurer: The Treasurer reported: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 8/13/2015 – 9/9/2015) Total income: $25.99; Total expenses: $674.58; Total balance: $16,171.55

  6. Safety Chairman: Baltimore Ortega
    • Medication – take medication with you if you have health issues; know when to take your medicine that works for
    • Snacks – bring snacks with you, and eat as you need nourishment.
    • Stop for stop signs and red lights. Some communities will give tickets.
    • Take enough water with you and drink it.

  7. Awards and Attire: Men’s club cut – EBC Jersey on hand for sale @ $72.

  8. Mountain Bike Coordinator: George Pastorino –
    • Scouting trip is upcoming with Pussanee, Baltimore, and Pravin to Kickapoo and Rock Cut;
    • Every Thursday there will be MB rides out at Palos, from now until Christmas. Fall Color MB rides in Palos will be listed soon, please consider joining us.
    • Baltimore and I are working on developing a program to offer inner city kids a day of basic mountain bike riding. Many factors need to be explored before this program is a reality, but just wanted to let you know, should it happen, we will need volunteers to help with this event.
    • J&R Cycle will be having a Fat Bike demo day for EBC members – several bikes will be there to try. Date to be determined.

  9. Refreshments: Thanks to Gerry Fekete for providing refreshments this evening. Sign-up sheet for 2016 club meeting refreshments is being passed around. Pick a month that works for you to bring refreshments for the meetings. You will be reimbursed for the snacks that you purchase.

  10. Sponsorship: There are 10 EBC sponsors that are featured on the EBC website. We encourage you to take time to view their websites, shop their stores – support them as they support our club through sponsorship. Some give us a discount, so let them know you are an EBC member. There are end of year sales going on, it is a good time shop at our sponsors.

  11. Prairie Path Cleanup: Marge Ricke – EBC is responsible for cleaning a portion of the Prairie Path. The next scheduled clean-up will be in October. Details will be announced at the next meeting.

  12. Program: EBC Website Team – The future look and functionality of the EBC website will be featured as tonight’s presentation by Jeff Gandy and Cindy Reedy.

  13. New Business:Tom Preston announced that he would not be a candidate for President in 2016; but that he would continue to visit our sponsors with Ginny who is willing to continue as Sponsor Chair. All of the other Board Members have said that they will stay on in their current posts. Members interested in running for President of EBC should contact Tom Preston.

  14. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

Please submit articles and/or photos for the newsletter to Chuck Dean (cdean69033_aol.com). The deadline is the 20th of the month.

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