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HomeDonations: Project Mobility

Donations:  Project Mobility

Last updated:  June 18, 2018


Project Mobility is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that builds specialized bicycles for Children and Wounded Warriors with physical disabilities.
Their professional staff works with families, rehabilitative professionals, and organizations to promote better health, independence, and most of all the freedom of mobility that comes from riding bicycles . Hal Honeyman heads the Organization and also owns The Bike Rack which is an EBC Sponsor.
EBC has supported Project Mobility for years, helping them fund the building of bikes for physically challenged children.
In 2015 we raised $6500 that was matched by Project Mobility and we were able to get bikes for six children.  Read about that event and see videos here:  EBC Project Mobility Bike Giveaway

Let's do this again!
EBC will match donations up to $1000.00.
100% of all money donated will go to buy a specially adapted bikes for children with disabilities. We will present those bikes to the children at an EBC meeting early in 2019.
You may donate by clicking the donate button below:

Donate to Project Mobility

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