Mountain Bike Trail Etiquette

Please, let's all keep in mind our trail systems are not MTB only trail systems. They are multi-use trail systems. This means there are hikers, equestrians and runners just to name a few, sharing the same trails.

Fast moving users can startle others, especially when approaching from behind. Always ride under control, anticipate users around blind corners, and be exceedingly friendly and communicative.

What is your responsibility?

Mountain bikers yield to hikers, horses and uphill traffic.

Passing Hikers

  1. Greet hikers early.
  2. Slow down to about the same speed as the hiker.
  3. Pass slowly and be prepared to stop if necessary.
  4. Expect the unexpected. Humans and animals can be unpredictable or easily spooked by cyclists.

Passing Cyclists

  1. Announce your intention to pass with a friendly “Let me know when it’s safe to pass.”
  2. Use the single-track yield on narrow trail – stop to the side, put one foot down, and lean away from the trail.

Passing Horses

  1. Stop at least 30 feet from the horse.
  2. Greet the equestrian and the horse to demonstrate that you are a human, and not a predator.
  3. Ask for instruction on how to pass safely. Offer to get off your bike.
  4. Pass slowly and steadily, but only after the equestrian gives you the go-ahead. Sudden movements can spook a horse.
George Pastorino